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replica and design
The Windy Clow Card from Card Captor Sakura

TWITCH. This was the first 'big statement' costume that I attempted. This is The Windy card from the anime Card Captor Sakura. I made it for the Underground Cosplay's presentation at Anime Expo 2006. The bodysuit was easy enough, but obviously the wig was a bit of an undertaking. I made a base out of copper tubing, upholstery foam, and duck tape that I painted yellow. Then I began the painstaking process of caulking strands of hair extensions onto it. I did this for eight hours a night for almost two weeks. I became a fan of Conan o'Brien and late night poker. Every night in the garage I sweat in the California heat while bugs fell from the ceiling, crawling towards the completion of the wig. It then broke about five minutes before we went on stage, lol. We did win Best in Show and had a CRAZY GOOD TIME...I still haven't decided if it was worth it.

Important note: Sparkle Pipsi made the wings, ears, forehead decoration, and feather poofs; I only made the dress and wig.

Photographs by Ami Yuy.