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replica and design
Split Lady Une from Gundam Wing

One of my very favorite anime shows in 2006 was Gundam Wing. There is a character named Lady Une with a split personality; one a war colonel and one an ambassador of peace. Both work towards fulfulling the plans of one Treize Khushrenada, who of course she is hopelessly in love with. I loooooove Lady Une. For me, she illuminates the depths of strength and love that women are capable of; through love, loss, war, and her crazy. I wanted to do a costume that was split down the middle; one side her military uniform and the other her peace ambassador garb. It was a great idea but sadly the execution was a little lacking. I was never entirely happy with this costume so I never bothered with a proper photoshoot. This is still on my 'someday I'll fix it' list. :)

Photographs by Eurobeat King and J Krolak.