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replica and design
Rose's 'Jump' dress from Titanic

This dress marks the first time in two years that I made a costume for myself. How exciting! I made this Rose Dress from Titanic the movie in April 2012 for a Titanic Remembrance dinner that my fiancee and I attended. I have always wanted to make one of Rose's dresses from Titanic, and this was the perfect excuse! I made this gown in only a week, amazingly, because I did not have much time before the dinner. This is the 'Jump' dress, which is actually not my favorite, but with the limited time it was the best choice.

This is a simplified version - I simply didn't have time to do all of the screen accurate details I usually strive for. But I think it turned out pretty fantastically, considering I had a week only. I consider this a 'base' and I hope to add all of the beading to the dress eventually and have the full version. Yay Edwardian era! BEADS.