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10/19/2011 :: Madame Pompadour, Tarsem Singh's Snow White, and Sofia Coppala's Marie-Antoinette Garden Dress! Every year I make a progress list and every year I make nothing from it...here's hoping some of these dreams will come true! I found the screen-accurate fabric for Snow White, so I was really excited about that...except that I saw the movie and was underwhelmed. Madame Pompadour is a longtime pipedream I would like to make happen, and Marie Antoinette will happen if I can find the print. :)

There is also another secret one and it's more fabulous than all of these, if you can believe that. ;)

08/13/2011 :: I am currently working on an original fashion line for Detroit Fashion Week! How exciting, yes? Obviously that means I've had to take a break from personal costumes from the year. I've been bankrolling my fashion line with my commissions, so thank you everyone who has commissioned from me! You are helping me achieve my dream!

You can see the start of my fashion line at my fashion website, katelorenzdesign.com

09/13/2010 :: Whew! I finished my 2010 costumes! You can visit them on the Portfolio page. Well, almost finished - I ran out of time for Lady Gaga because I decided to do Mad Hatter instead. Oops!

05/10/10 :: Yay! What a fabulous bunch of costumes, yes? I hope I can get them all finished this year. Elphaba has been in progress for three years, but I am sure this Dragon*Con she will finally be finished. Princess Mars is for a group with the Undergrounders at Anime Expo. Lady Gaga is for the Gaggle of Gagas at Dragon*Con, and Red Palace Alice is just for fun and because of a lucky fabric find.

In addition to these, I always have commission projects and fashion projects, but I'll probably leave those out of my progress updates. :)