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replica and design
Padme Packing Gown from Star Wars

This costume is from Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones. Padme wears it on Coruscant when she is packing her things to leave for Naboo. I made this for Celebration IV in 2007 - I needed a new fabulous Star Wars costume for the convention! I love the design and the colors - I'm a sucker for corsetry and full skirts. This dress was waaaaaaaaaaay too much work; mostly because I went about it in a rather haphazard fashion. I spent way too much money on silk velvet, buying various shades online and hoping for a match I never found. I learned a lot of lessons with this dress, but I love it dearly and am happy with the result. I have my embroidered/beaded front panel framed and hanging on my sewing room wall. :)

Photographs by Asian School Boy and Kay-Dee.