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replica and design
Oddish Can-Can inspired by Pokemon

THE POKEMON CAN-CAN. This is easily the most fun I have ever had cosplaying - let me correct that - the most fun I've ever had in my life. You can see Underground Cosplay's presentation at Anime Expo 2005 involving these costumes here. Shoes fell off, windows were broken, and two people fell down...but wow, was it fun. :) The costumes are basically can-can versions of our favorite Pokemon, mine being Oddish. The outside is simple enough - boned bodice and full skirt of gunmetal satin - but the exciting pat is underneath the skirt. Six layers of ruffles ruffled on to a petticoat, with lace ruffles attached to those! SO MUCH GATHERING. All pulled out and un-ruffled, each ruffle layer stretched from the top of a second-story ceiling to a first-story floor. xD This was a lot of work and a stretch for my skills at the time, but I gained a lot of confidence and skills from it and had a BLAST performing. :)

Photographs by Raidr3 and Hello Kenney.