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replica and design
Nancy Tremaine from Enchanted

This dress is from the Disney movie Enchanted. I made it in 2008. Nancy, played by Idina Menzel, wears it to the King and Queen's ball. I absolutely fell in love with the dress the moment I saw it! And Nancy is the kind of character I always find wonderful and remarkable - the sympathetic villain. :) This was my first attempt at psuedo-historical costuming, and it was a wonderful experience. There was a lot of handwork involved, but the Olympics were on, so I didn't mind! I hope I can make more gowns like this in the future. Silk taffeta = love.

Important note: I did not make the Prince Edward; the very talented Ashley Rains made it for her boyfriend and was kind enough to let me borrow him for a picture.

Photographs by Bobby Kong.
Prince Edward costume by Ashley Rains.