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replica and design
The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I originally was going to make this simply because I wanted an 'accessory costume' for my boyfriend Makray to wear when I wore Alice. But it turned into quite the beast and ended up being way more fun to wear and photograph than my Alice, lol! He had a ridiculous amount of fun walking and talking like the Hatter and generally amusing Dragon*Con attendees. But, back to the making of the costume. This was kind of a different experience for me - a costume of little pieces rather than one whole. I was determined to try to MAKE rather than BUY most of the costume...but it just didn't work out that way. We did make the hat, thread bandolier, and vest by ourselves, but the rest is cobbled together from the Internet. The changing landscape of costuming - when I first started, you couldn't find ANYTHING online. If you wanted accurate fabric, you had to paint it yourself. But I found a plethora of Hatter bowties and hatpins and birdpins and accessories on Ebay - and I feel weirdly guilty about purchasing so much of it. But Makray had fun in it and I guess that's what matters. :)

Photographs by myself and Bryan Humphrey.