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replica and design
Han Solo from Star Wars: A New Hope

I made this in July of 2011 for a commission. As you can see from my profile, I don't normally do sportswear, but it's Han Freaking Solo, so why not? I gave it a shot. I had some experience with Han; I helped a friend with the last bits of it for Celebration IV (his was Empire Strikes Back but they're similar.) I was really happy with the results! I even managed the curving butt seams (calvary seams) which were a confusing challenge. Obviously in these pictures, there is no props; holster, punched belt, belt items, gun, etc. It hardly looks like Han without all of his space cowboy gadgets, but I just did the garments for my client and she found the rest elsewhere. :)

Forgive the shortness of everything in the pictures; my client was 5'8 and my boyfriend (modeling) is 6'5.