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replica and design
Elphaba (Act II) from Wicked the Musical

This is Elphaba's Act II gown from the musical Wicked. I started it in 2008 and finished it in 2010. Whew! I even missed Dragon*Con 2009 because I was unable to finish it in time and didn't want to go without a new costume. I finally debuted it at Dragon*Con 2010! I really wish I had had Glinda in a bubble dress with me, but it was still fun. Elphaba's Act II gown took a tremendous amount of time and effort - lots of tedious, repetitive work, lots of very difficult experimental work, and everything in between. I haven't decided what I will say if someone asks me for a commission for this...I loved making it but it was so much work! Anyway, I am very happy with it <3333