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Satine's 'Black Diamonds' from Moulin Rouge

I can't even tell you how STOKED I was that I received a commission for Satine's Black Diamonds costume from Moulin Rouge. When my client said, 'Have you heard of Moulin Rouge?' I almost fell out of my chair. It is *literally* my FAVORITE movie of all time and I have been absolutely dying to make a costume from it. This costume was definitely a stretch for me; lots of techniques I'd never used before, lots of detail work, and absolute perfection needed for the whole thing. Tie a knot wrong and the fringe falls apart, you know?

We made some price concessions on this commission. Obviously the fringe is not screen accurate; we decided hand fringing and hand scalloping was too expensive/labor-intensive, so we used lines of strung rhinestones dripping with bugle beads instead for Satine's tails. With the bodice, instead of covering it with bugle beads, we covered it in a sequin fabric and then applied the accurate scalloped rhinestones over that. There were sequins and rhinestones ALL over my house; I bit into a quesadilla and fished a rhinestone out of my mouth; my cat vomited up sequins, I picked sequins out of the shower drain, and my co-workers were pulling sequins out of my hair for weeks. But WORTH IT! Black Diamonds! Moulin Rouge! xD

This costume was the most expensive I ever made, with the exception of *maybe* my Padme Packing Gown (and that was only because of fabric mistakes and rebuying.) To give you an idea of the expense, I spent $400 on rhinestones *alone*. But I hope you'll agree that it's worth it! I am so proud of this costume and hope that I get the opportunity to make another Moulin Rouge costume in the future!

Obviously the last three of these are in-progress pictures; I have very few finished pictures of this costume.