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replica and design
Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

I originally made this blue and gold Daenerys dress as a commission in October 2012. Daenerys is amazing, and this gown is incredible - was so happy to get this costume replica commission. This is the gown Daenerys wears in Season 2 on Qarth. For this dress, I custom dyed the silk fabric the proper shade of blue, hand painted the gold, and experimented with a ton of different materials for the belt. I have made many versions of this dress; check out of sampling of them below. I like to think that each one is improved a little bit! :)

Daenerys Qarth Version 1 - Pictures 1-2.
Daenerys Qarth Version 2 - Pictures 3-4. I corrected the dye job a bit, after researching more pictures. This client wanted a higher neckline. I added more of a dramatic train.
Daenerys Qarth Version 3 - Picture 5. This client wanted the screen accurate plunging neckline to the waist.
Daenerys Qarth Version 4 - Picture 6. My best yet! I exaggerated the belt shape to be a little more accurate. I doubled the amount of fabric in the back panels, giving it a super dramatic full look.

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