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replica and design

Can you make a costume for me? How much will it cost?
Yes, I do occasionally take custom commissions. Please visit my Commissions page for more information.

Why do you charge so much?
This is a question often asked of freelance seamstresses; I can best answer that by directing you here.

Can you send me the pattern for a costume?
No. I draft all of my patterns myself based on my measurements and those of my clients. The time required to copy a pattern is significant and it is not work that I enjoy. I do not create custom patterns nor send out the patterns I have drafted. Copying patterns is boring! :P

How long does it take to make a commission? How early should I contact you?
This depends on the difficulty of project, but normally an easy costume will take 2-3 weeks and a difficult costume will take 5-6 weeks. All commissions are subject to my current calendar, but that is something we will discuss in the early stages of our collaboration. I would contact me at least 2-3 months before your event.

I already have a costume. Can you improve/repair it?
I do not do alterations, repairs, or improvements. This is often more difficult/time consuming than starting from scratch, and it produces an inferior result. I only take new commissions where I can select the best fabrics and draft my own pattern.