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replica and design

Yes, I do take commissions! :)

Like something you see on my site? I can make a custom one for you! Use this page to contact me for a quote on one of the dresses on my site, or for any project that you are interested in.

I review and respond to commission requests of all kinds, but I am most likely to accept and create fabulous gowns; formal, sci-fi, or fantasy. When I receive a request, I consult my present commission calendar, research the expense and effort required to replicate the design, and consider whether or not the project meshes with my skills and interests. My response to you will depend on these factors. You should hear from me in a matter of days.

PS: As mentioned in my FAQ, I do not sell patterns. Copying patterns is boring. :P


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***Desired commission:

***If this is a costume I have not already made, please provide me with enough of a description to Google. I can research photos/details myself. If it is a unique situation and I need more information, I will contact you.

Thank you! I am excited that you want to collaborate with me. :D