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03/11/2016: :: Hello everyone! It's 2016 and I'm still sewing away; taking more commissions than ever, actually. I added a Daenerys Targaryen Blue and Gray Meereen dress to the Portfolio page! I have started watching Outlander and REALLY want to make Louise de la Rohan dress green/pink Rococo dress. Someone commission that from me! I love making my Daenerys Tarygaryen Meereen and Quarth gowns, and I love making my Hermione Granger Yule Ball and Red dresses, but it would be nice to start mixing some Outlander in, as well! And I still want to make Margaery's Wedding Dress from Game of Thrones, too; somebody contact me if you want that one, haha. I hope everyone is doing well, thanks for all of your support! Pretty gowns forever!

02/24/2015: :: Realized I haven't updated in a while; just wanted to check in and say hello! I am still taking commissions and sewing away. I haven't done a new project in a while, just making the same old favorites - Daenerys Qarth, Hermione Yule Ball, Hermione Red, etc. I love making those dresses and gowns. I really want to make Margaery Tyrell's wedding dress from Game of Thrones - those thorns are so beautiful! Here's hoping someone commissions that from me soon :)

10/28/2013: :: Lots of updates! First off, I got married! To those of you who sent commission requests in the last couple of months, thanks for bearing with me. I'm back from everything and ready to go. I'm going to add my wedding dress to the site, because I made it, but I haven't done that yet. I HAVE added a new version of the Daenerys Blue and Gold Qarth Dress to the Daenerys profile page. I've aso been working on a new and exciting commission - Fleur Delacour's Yule Ball dress. I have wanted to make this dress for YEARS, darlings. I should have it completed in the next two weeks and I will shower you with photos. If you are looking for a commission, ask away! I am going to expand the amount of commissions that I will be doing and I am ready to go. Contact me here!

09/04/2013: :: Though I've been making Daenerys Blue and Gold Qarth dresses for a while now, I had not watched Game of Thrones until the last few days. OH. MY. GOSH. Show is epic. I want to make all of the dresses!

04/08/2013: :: Small announcement to make: I am going to become much more selective with my commissions this year because I just bought a house that needs some work and because I am getting married in the fall. Previously, I devoted almost all of my free time to commissions. I am going to have to cut back to devoting half or less of my free time to commissions, so I need to cut the amount that I am taking. I've decided to only take commissions that inspire/interest me (tldr: pretty dresses) or that I have made many times and love to make (Hermione Yule Ball, Hermione Red Dress, Daenerys Blue and Gold Qarth Dress.) I will no longer offer polyester 'budget' versions of anything, just screen accurate, quality replicas. So, if you are interested in a commission, still definitely use my Contact Form and we can collaborate to find out if we are the right fit for each other.

Right now I am working on a Daenerys Blue and Gold Qarth Dress, an Emma Watson red carpet dress replica (I am in LOVE this this project; it is stunning) and an Elphaba Act 1 dress.

I am also working on wedding centerpieces made of antique objects referencing things that we love (Secret Garden table, Phantom of the Opera table, Lovecraft table, all express through antiques.) Awesome, right? I am also making my own wedding dress. It is Edwardian inspired and almost entirely hand beaded. I love it so far! ;____; Lastly, I am working on a HUGE secret costume project that is wedding-related and will be a stunningly fabulous addition to my portfolio. It will be the biggest, most complicated, most expensive thing I have ever made. I probably won't ever get a commission for it because the price would be astronomically high.

So, lots going on, but all of it wonderful! Thank you for supporting me and my costumes. 2013 is rocking and I am loving everybody this year :)

01/01/2012: :: All right, the holidays are over and I am ready to sew again! Now accepting 2013 commissions! I look forward to doing some of my old favorites like Hermione's Yule Ball Dress and Hermione's Red Dress, some Daenerys gowns from Game of Thrones, Padme and Leia, and who knows what other cool things will come my way. Hopefully some more Moulin Rouge! Yay costumes. I am feeling very positive about 2013. Happy New Year to you all!

10/29/2012: :: Two important notices, and two updates. First, I had a young lady contact me via web form about a Titanic dress replica, but her e-mail was incorrect and I had no way to reply to her. Chloe, if you read this, try again! :) Next, I am taking a hiatus from commissions for the next few months. Feel free to contact me and get a quote; you can lock in a price and reserve your spot. I will be sewing again in January 2013. Now, updates! I added a Daenerys Targaryen dress, from Game of Thrones. It is the blue and gold chiffon gown she wears in Quarth. Yay Daenerys! I also added a Princess Leia Ceremonial dress, a nice addition to my Star Wars portfolio.

07/04/2012: :: Working on two big commissions right now - a full leather Strider Aragorn and an Arwen Chase. So exciting! Lord of the Rings remains one of my favorite fandoms of all time, but I have never really done any of the costumes justice. I am glad that is finally changing this year! I'm hoping to get back to my fashion line when I have the spare time - I have all of the materials purchased and sitting in pretty piles, calling to me. One dress is almost finished. Sooooon!

05/25/2012: :: Whew! I had a very busy prom season this year, but I've hit a bit of a lull, which I'm using to work on my 2012 fashion line. I've also already sold the Titanic 'Jump' dress I made - a young lady at the Titanic dinner basically bought it off my back! What a compliment! I also added a BLUE silk Hermione Yule, book version, to the Hermione Yule gallery - I think this is my favorite one I've yet made. The periwinkle colors are just lovely. I have some open commission spots, so if you are looking, let me know! :)

04/16/2012: :: It's prom season - that means I'm a busy seamstress! I added that Hermione Slughorn Party Dress commission to the Portfolio page, as well as a fabulous new costume for MYSELF! That's right! I made Rose's Jump Dress from Titanic for a Titanic Remembrance Dinner that my boyfriend and I went to, honoring the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship. I have always wanted to make a Titanic dress and I am SO excited that I managed to pull one together so quickly! Now I want all of them. >___>

03/12/2012: :: A few updates - I added a recent commission to the Portfolio page - Mary's Red Dress from Downton Abbey. I also added 3 new versions of Hermione Yule Ball to my Hermione Yule Ball Commission Info page. Current commissions include a periwinkle silk Hermione Yule Ball (REALLY excited about that), an ombre polyester Hermione Yule Ball, a Hermione Slughorn Party dress (that's right! I'm finally making this one!), a Hermione Red, and I'm finishing up the Elphaba Act II gown I mentioned last post. I'm working faster and better than I was last year and prom season is in full swing. :)

01/03/2012: :: Happy New Year! I am already booking pretty far out for 2012 (into March) so if you are looking for a commission from me for prom or a spring event, now is the time to contact me! I am doing an Elphaba Act II, Hermione Yule Ball silk, and a cool knee-length periwinkle Hermione Yule Ball that I am very excited about. I also have a ton of personal costumes planned for 2012 - they might not all get finished, but I will have one giant fabulous one for sure (secret for now!)

I am also doing another fashion line, this time inspired by My Little Pony. It is going to be EPIC. You can keep up with my fashion designs by liking Kate Lorenz Design on Facebook. Note: that is my original fashion page; there is no replica costume info there.

12/7/2011: :: Updated my Portfolio page with a new project! I just finished Ayumi Hamasaki's Bluebird Dress. I previously made her Angel dress and I was happy to follow it up with Bluebird. She wears such beautiful gowns! Next is a commission from Downton Abbey, which I am almost finished with, and then on to my personal projects for the year. I also finished another Hermione Yule Ball gown, this time knee-length, but I've made so many of them now that I don't even update the HYB page with them anymore, lol. I'm so excited for 2012 - I have BIG plans, as usual! Wishing you all the best over the holidays and in the New Year!

09/27/2011 :: All right, Detroit Fashion Week is over and I am back from my hiatus with a vengeance! It's commission time! My first October commission is already done and it isn't even October yet. I'm ahead of schedule and have room for more. I'm energized and ready to go. *leaps from a high balcony into a soft billowy garden of Hermione Yule gowns and Ayumi Hamasaki dresses* Bring it on! Yay costumes!

09/16/2011 :: I'm ready to announce the reason I haven't done any personal costumes this year: I am showing a collection at Detroit Fashion Week! How exciting! The show is September 24 and despite having worked on the collection for a year, I'm still frantically trying to finish. You can see the early pieces in my collection here: katelorenzdesign.com. Any quote requests or commission requests in my inbox will be responded to on September 25; I'm on a brief hiatus. My commissions factory will begin again on October 1st. I've already booked all of October! Anyway, talk to you all again after Fashion Week! Wish me luck!

08/06/2011 :: I added Hermione's Red Dress commissions to my Etsy Shop! Very exciting. I also edited the Hermione Red portfolio page to reflect the new version I made, in silk chiffon. I thought I loved the polyester version I did, but WOW. The silk version was gorgeous. My 'September Project' deadline is coming up, so I've been go-go-going on that for the most part and slowing down a little on commissions. Now that the Harry Potter era is ending, what will be the new big series? Star Wars is over, Harry Potter is over, Lord of the Rings is over (Hobbit doesn't count.) This is a sad time in geekland.

07/09/2011 :: I've been a busy costumer the last couple of months! I've posted 3 new commissions that I finished on my Portfolio page. Black Diamonds from Moulin Rouge, Hoth Leia rom Star Wars, and Han Solo from Star Wars! Whew! They were all challenging costumes, especially Black Diamonds, but I love working on new things! It's nice to have a break from my Hermione Yule Ball factory occasionally. :)

05/30/2011 :: Great news! I decided to set up an Etsy shop where I will occasionally sell ready-made items. Right now all I have in the shop is a Princess Leia Belt but I have big plans for expansion, including commission listings for my most popular gowns (Hermione Yule Ball, Hermione Red, etc.) What a busy, busy year this has been for me! I just finished up a Black Diamonds commission, which roooooocked my world. I will upload pictures of that as soon as I find some time. Mostly, I've been focused on my 'September Project', which just took a big leap forward...but it's still secret for now. ;)

04/4/2011 :: Hello friends! So much for my break in commissions...I couldn't stay away and am now working on a couple of new projects. I have lessened the hours at my 'day job' so I can concentrate more on commissions, which is a very exciting step for me! I finally updated my Portfolio with my latest work - Hermione Red Deathly Hallows and an Ayumi Hamasaki dress. I also updated my Hermione Yule Ball Commission Page with the three new versions I have made this year. My secret 'September Project' is also advancing and I might post some progress of that as soon as I do a few photoshoots. So far 2011 is shaping up to be the best year ever! I hope you are all doing well, too. :D

02/24/2011 :: I have finished my last commission for awhile! I am a happy girl. I have been going nonstop for a few months now and am grateful for a small break. :) I'll be working on my own projects for a little bit and then maybe sell a few things on Ebay if nothing new comes up. I'm also going to update my portfolio soon with the new things I've made - an Ayumi Hamasaki dress, Hermione Red Deathly Hallows dress, and a closet full of Hermione Yule Balls. Look for that in the next few days.

02/01/2011 :: I have been sewing like crazy! In the last few weeks, I finished up two Hermione Yule Balls (one silk, one polyester) as well as a Red Hermione Deathly Hallows. I really need to update my site with these new commissions, but I'm still sewing! Hopefully in the next week I will find a moment to upload some pictures (and find some time to clean the bathroom.)

01/04/2011 :: I have a commission for Hermione's red Deathly Hallows dress this month, and I am falling in LOVE with it. Why does this always happen to me? ;_; I'm happy that I get the chance to custom make it at all; I'm going to focus on that instead of being sad that I have to ship it off. :)

01/01/2011 :: Happy New Year! I finally figured out how to add a scroll box, so now I don't have to delete my updates as I post new ones. My costume commission schedule is currently full until mid-February, FYI; I am buried in a glorious mountain of Hermione Yule Balls. :)

12/27/2010 :: I saw Black Swan this week and WOW. Does anyone want to commission a Black Swan costume from me? lol. But seriously, I DIED OF GORGEOUSNESS. This year is not for personal costumes, so I'm trying to push the thought aside. I have a few commissions to work on, so I will focus on those instead...Hermione Yule Ball 6.0 here I come. :)

12/22/2010 :: I did a little Elphaba Act II photoshoot on Halloween, so I updated the Elphaba Act II page with the new pictures. I am FULL STEAM AHEAD on secret projects for next year (with a side of Hermione Yule Ball commissions) so we'll see - if I can get everything finished and I'm satisfied with it, I'll post some info about the secret project. :)

09/13/2010 :: I have updated my Portfolio page with my new costumes of the year! Now that the website is updated, I'm ready to start on a new adventure I've been thinking about for some time - investing in a DSLR camera and exploring photography. I'd like to be able to photograph my own costumes and not have to stress myself out at conventions tracking down photographers. I'll let you all know how it goes! :D